How We Work

All of SHF’s projects includes inter-related components:-

  • Clean water supply (E.g. wells, hand held pumps)

  • Basic Sanitation facilities (E.g. ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrines)

  • Hygiene promotion

  • Preventive measures on malaria (e.g. Insecticide treated nets)

  • Saving Lives at Birth

  • Wealth Creation

  • Workshops on making Schools WASH Friendly

In the past, it was believed that simply increasing people’s access to clean water would lead to significant improvements in health and productivity. Today we know that even greater strides can be made in improving the overall health of communities when the benefits of clean water services are augmented with basic sanitation facilities and a culturally-sensitive hygiene education program intertwined with provision of basic health care services.

Clean water, basic sanitation, hygiene education and primary healthcare services are like the ABCs of development—the building blocks towards a better future.