Making water a woman's business

Women are saddled with the responsibility to source for water for their households and so it is very important that in terms of making policies for the installation of water sources, our women are kept in the cycle of decision makers as they have an indepth knowledge of the kind of water that will be best suited for them, safe for children in terms of sourcing these waters as well as proximity to their homes such that they have enough time on their hands.

Providing access to safe clean drinking water just does not stop there but involves a whole lot of stakeholders that will ensure that the project is sustainable, viable and encompasses everyone.

We have more to come in terms of ensuring everyone in Northern Nigeria has access to water


Malaria as we know is the number one killer of children aged between 0-5 years and also pregnant women. A child dies every minute out of complications of Malaria. Malaria is a risk for 97% population in Nigeria and with the current climate change we are experiencing, the conditions of getting malaria is higher.

It is important that in preventing malaria we sleep under Insecticide Treated Nets, Our surroundings are kept clean and vector freewith early visit to a health personnel once we have symptoms of high fever, joint and body pains, headaches and general malaise occurs.

Join us to kick out malaria from our communities.


For every $25 or NGN10,000 you give monthly you can be sure of being amongst the larger pool of providing access to water and sanitation facilities to rural communities in Nigeria. Your recurring monthly donation when given between December 12th - 18th 2021 will be matched after the fourth month donation which automatically doubles the impact of the donation.

This is Global Giving incentive to all recurring donations made to our projects on their site

Mark your calendar on December 12th - 18th to take advantage of this special offer


There are currently over 15million out of school children in Northern Nigeria and 60% of this number are girls. Our girls are married off at young ages ranging from 9 years to 15 years without an opportunity to complete their education because of poverty thus leading to VVF and becoming outcast.

We identified a school in Kano and adopted three girls from vulnerable homes on scholarship uptill they finish Senior high and move on to tertiary institutions. The girls were selected due to their outstanding performance in studies (Arts, Science and Technology) and especially as they come from poor homes.

All of this are possible because of you as these girls have a bright future ahead and productive to the society.