Message from Executive Director

"My first objective in founding Serendipity Healthcare Foundation was, of course, to raise money for clean water projects and malaria enlightenment in the poorest rural communities in Kano, but I had a deeper, long-term aim: making provision of clean water the foundation of development, clean water being the basis of good health and productivity and a cleaner environment that will reduce the scourge of diseases and pandemic. Any doctor will readily confirm that clean water and a clean environment is the basic building block to health. It is my hope that we could bring this great need to the attention of everyone and thus build a constituency in favor of rural communities to meet up to developmental dividends."

Now, in some countries, rural development have done better than others. Nigeria’s record in this respect, for understandable reasons, is not very admirable -- especially for the rural masses, which make up 60% of Nigeria’s population. So, it is almost a must for me and my people to initiate a process which will lead, over decades, to an improved quality of life for Nigeria’s rural masses. The setting up of SHF and its integrated programmes is the initial step in that quest.

An effort like this cannot be a single person's task. A very large group of people, spread over all the continents and having similar philosophies of life is needed. My very humble request to all the people who visit this site is that you please join this effort. If, for whatever reason, you cannot join hands with SHF, please do contribute in your respective communities for the development of rural communities."

With loving regards,

Samirah Faruk

Executive Director